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This is Jay; he is a 2 year old smooth sable merle male. He is an energetic but well behaved young man who is used to kids and loves other dogs as well. He would do well as an only dog in a home, or with other dogs as long as they were not too dominate.  He would need a fenced yard for sure as he has lots of energy. He is an outdoors type of dog who loves to go for daily romps and enjoys being active with his humans. 


Davy is a 6 year old rough mahogany tri-factored sable male whom has been one of our stud dogs for the past 6 years. It is time for us to find Davy a permanent forever home. Davy would do very well in a home as the only dog, preferably with older kids and/or adults. He is very fun -loving and obedient, and very much loves to act the clown at times.