Breeders of Collies for over 35 years 

We now offer a "foster to own" program, also known as a "guardianship" program.  

What does this mean, you ask?

Would you like to:

  • ​​Participate in the continued longevity of the Rough or Smooth Collie as a breed?
  • Play a key role in assisting with our breeding program?
  • Raise, care for, and ultimately own a top-quality beautiful Rough or Smooth Collie at a fraction of the cost of outright purchasing?
  • Help ensure that each of our breeding dogs has a full and happy life, and a family of their own?
  • Share the joy your pup has brought you with other families?
  • Join our amazing network of guardian families?​

Our only requirements are as follows:

1. We would prefer families that live within a suitable range of our property, so that travel is not a concern (within 100 km)
2. We ask that you have a safely fenced back yard and home for your new Collie
3. We would prefer experienced dog owners for our guardian homes
4. There is no cost up front from you, but you are responsible for every cost incurred while you are in care of the dog in your own home; we will cover all costs associated with the breedings, but regular day to day maintenance will be done by you (any vet visits, grooming, feed, housing, regular care would be paid by you). You will be responsible for the spaying/neutering of the dog once its breeding career is over (usually about 4 to 5 years of age for either sex).

Ask us about our foster to own program; it might make the difference between WISHING you owned one of our dogs, and actually ADOPTING one of your own. It is a win-win situation for all concerned!